Events in the ph_alert Table

All event alarms that are generated are inserted in the ph_alert table in the sysadmin database.

You can query the ph_alert table on local or remote server to view the recent event alarms for that server. You can write SQL scripts based on the ph_alert table to handle event alarms instead of using the scripts controlled by the ALARMPROGRAM configuration parameter.

By default, alerts remain in the ph_alert table for 15 days before being purged.


The following example shows an event alarm in the ph_alert table:

SELECT * FROM ph_alerts WHERE alert_object_type=ALARM;

id                  34
alert_task_id       18
alert_task_seq      10
alert_type          INFO
alert_color         YELLOW
alert_time          2010-03-08 12:05:48
alert_state         NEW
alert_state_chang+  2010-03-08 12:05:48
alert_object_type   ALARM
alert_object_name   23
alert_message       Logical Log 12 Complete, timestamp: 0x8e6a1. 
alert_action_dbs    sysadmin 
alert_object_info   23001

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