onstat -g osi: Print operating system information

Use the onstat -g osi command to display information on your operating system resources and parameters, including shared memory and semaphore parameters, the amount of memory currently configured on the computer, and the amount of memory that is unused.

Example Output

The onstat -g osi command also displays statistics on the hardware processors on your computer.

Use this command when the server is not online.

Figure 1. onstat -g osi Command Output
Machine Configuration....
OS Name                              Linux
OS Release                           2.6.9-34.ELsmp
OS Node Name                         idas
OS Version                           #1 SMP
OS Machine                           x86_64
Number of processors                 4
Number of online processors          4
System memory page size              4096 bytes
System memory                        7970 MB
System free memory                   1536 MB
Number of open files per process     1024
shmmax            33554432
shmmin            1
shmids            4096
shmNumSegs        2097152
semmap            << UnSupported >>
semids            128
semnum            32000
semundo           << UnSupported >>
semNumPerID       250
semops            32
semUndoPerProc    << UnSupported >>
semUndoSize       20
semMaxValue       32767

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