PRELOAD_DLL_FILE configuration parameter

The PRELOAD_DLL_FILE configuration parameter specifies the path name for a shared library file that is preloaded when the database server is started.

onconfig.std value
Not set. No shared library files are preloaded.
pathname = Full path name for the shared library file. Can include $INFORMIXDIR.
takes effect
After you edit your onconfig file and restart the database server.


Use this parameter to preload the shared library files for DataBlade modules, built-in extensions, or user-defined routines that are created in the C programming language (C UDRs). Otherwise, the shared libraries are loaded when they are first used after the server starts, which affects performance. Add a separate entry of this parameter for each library file that you want to preload. A preloaded shared library remains active until the server is stopped.

Restriction: You cannot use the onmode -wm or onmode -wf commands to set the PRELOAD_DLL_FILE configuration parameter.


The following examples preload the built-in basic text search, spatial, and time series extensions:

PRELOAD_DLL_FILE $INFORMIXDIR/extend/bts.version/bts.bld

PRELOAD_DLL_FILE $INFORMIXDIR/extend/TimeSeries.version/TimeSeries.bld

The version is the specific version number for the extension. To find the correct version number, run the appropriate function to return the release number for the extension or check the directory name in your installation directory.

Important: The version numbers of built-in extensions can change in any fix pack or release. After you upgrade, you must update the value of the PRELOAD_DLL_FILE configuration parameter if the version number of an extension changed.

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