syslogfil table

The syslogfil table provides information about the logical log files.

Table 1. Information about the columns in the syslogfil table.
Column Type Description
address int8 Memory address of the logfile structure
number small integer Log file number
flags integer For a description of the values and their meanings, see the Flag values section below.
fillstamp integer Internal timestamp when the log file was filled
filltime integer UNIX time when the log file was filled
uniqid integer Unique ID for the log file
chunk integer Number of the chunk that contains the log file
offset integer Page offset in the chunk where log file begins
size integer Total number of pages in the log file
used integer Number of pages used in the log file

Flag values

The flag values correspond to many of the flag values for the onstat -l command.
Hexadecimal Onstat -l flag value Meaning
0x1 U Log file is in use
0x2 C File is current log file
0x4 B Log file has been backed up
0x8 A File is a newly added log file
0x20 None A temporary log file
0x40 D Log file will be dropped after the file is archived
0x4000 L Log file contains the last checkpoint written

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