onmode -cache surrogates: Cache the allowed.surrogates file

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>>-onmode-- -cache surrogates----------------------------------><

Element Purpose Key considerations
-cache surrogates Reads the /etc/informix/allowed.surrogates file and stores the user IDs and group IDs values in shared memory cache. The user names and group names specified in allowed.surrogates file have to be valid operating system users and groups. The names are converted to corresponding UIDs and GIDs.

You can use onmode -cache surrogates during a session to load the allowed.surrogates file. The allowed.surrogates file is used specify users and groups who can act as surrogates for mapped users. The allowed.surrogates file will be automatically checked before a new connection is made to the database server or when users are created or altered.

If the cache-refresh fails, the existing surrogate cache is cleared, effectively disabling mapped users. Existing connections on the server will be unaffected by changes in shared-memory cache. Changes in shared memory cache affect new sessions.

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