SESSION_LIMIT_LOCKS configuration parameter

The SESSION_LIMIT_LOCKS configuration parameter specifies the maximum number of locks available in a session. This limit does not apply to a user who holds administrative privileges, such as user informix or a DBSA user.

onconfig.std value
if not present
500 - 2147483647
Number of locks in the internal lock table
takes effect
After you edit your onconfig file and restart the database server.


For massively lock-intensive operations, administrators can set SESSION_LIMIT_LOCKS to reduces the risk of ordinary users in concurrent sessions depleting the lock resources of the database server.

The database server terminates a transaction that exceeds the limit of the number of locks, puts a message in the database server message log, and triggers the event alarm 21014.


In repeatable read isolation level, because each row in the active set requires a lock, be careful about setting too low a limit for locks on the server. Similarly, setting too small a lock limit can interfere with Enterprise Replication tasks or with cdr commands issued by non-DBSA users.

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