admin() and task() Function Syntax Behavior

The admin() and task() functions take one or more arguments as quoted strings separated by commas.

The syntax for the admin() and task() functions includes the following rules:

  • Each argument must be delimited by a pair of single ( ' ) quotation marks or double ( " ) quotation marks.
  • Arguments must be separated by a comma.
  • The maximum number of arguments is 28.
  • Most arguments are not case-sensitive, with the following exceptions:
    • The argument that immediately follows the initial onmode argument is case-sensitive.

      For example:

      EXECUTE FUNCTION task("onmode","D","50");
    • The arguments included with the cdr argument are case-sensitive.

      For example:

      EXECUTE FUNCTION task("cdr define server",
      			"-c=g_amsterdam","--init g_amsterdam"); 
  • If you are not directly connected to the sysadmin database, you must include the sysadmin database name and the server name, according to the standard Database Object Name syntax. For example, if your server name is ids_server, you could run the following statement:
    EXECUTE FUNCTION sysadmin@ids_server:admin("add bufferpool","2",
    For more information on the Database Object Name syntax, see the IBM® Informix Guide to SQL: Syntax.

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