add chunk argument: Add a new chunk (SQL administration API)

Use the add chunk argument with the admin() or task() function to add a chunk to a dbspace or blobspace.


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>>-EXECUTE FUNCTION--+-admin-+--(------------------------------->

>--"add chunk"--,--"space_name"--,--"path_name"----------------->



Element Description Key Considerations
disk_size The amount of disk space to add in kilobytes. See admin() and task() Argument Size Specifications.
mirror_offset The location of the mirror chunk.  
mirror_path The path to the mirror chunk. If you are adding a chunk to a mirrored storage space, you must also add a mirror chunk.
offset The location of the new chunk.  
path_name The path of the added disk space.  
space_name The name of the dbspace, blobspace, or sbspace to which you are adding disk space.  


The size of the chunk must be equal to or greater than 1000 KB and a multiple of the page size. The starting offset plus the chunk size cannot exceed the maximum chunk size. The maximum offset is 4 TB.

This function is equivalent to the onspaces -a command.


The following example adds a 5 MB chunk of raw disk space, at an offset of 5200 kilobytes, to a dbspace named dbspc3:
EXECUTE FUNCTION task("add chunk", "dbspc3","\\.\e:","5120","5200");
The following example adds a 10 MB mirror chunk to a blobspace named blobsp3 with an offset of 200 kilobytes for both the primary and mirror chunks:
EXECUTE FUNCTION task("add chunk","blobsp3","/dev/raw_dev1","10240",

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