onmode and M arguments: Temporarily change decision-support memory (SQL administration API)

Use the onmode and M arguments with the admin() or task() function to temporarily change the size of memory available for parallel queries.


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>>-EXECUTE FUNCTION--+-admin-+--(------------------------------->


Element Description Key Considerations
memory_size The new size limit (in kilobytes) of the maximum amount of memory available for parallel queries. The maximum value for 32-bit platform is 2 gigabytes.

The maximum value for 64-bit platform is 4 gigabytes.


Use this function to override the limit set by the DS_TOTAL_MEMORY configuration parameter while the database server is online. The new values affect only the current instance of the database server; the values are not recorded in the ONCONFIG file. If you shut down and restart the database server, the values of the parameter revert to the values in the ONCONFIG file.

This function is equivalent to the onmode -M command.


The following example sets the size limit for parallel queries to 50 MB:
EXECUTE FUNCTION task("onmode","M","50000");

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