start listen argument: Start a listen thread dynamically (SQL administration API)

Use the start listen argument with the admin() or task() function to start an existing listen thread for a SOCTCP or TLITCP network protocol without interrupting existing connections.


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>>-EXECUTE FUNCTION--+-admin-+--(------------------------------->

>--"start listen"--,--"server_name"--)--;----------------------><

Element Description Key Considerations
server_name The name of the database server for which you want to start a listen thread.  


The definition of the listen thread must exist in the sqlhosts file for the server. If the definition of the listen thread does not exist in the sqlhosts file, you must add it before you can start the listen thread dynamically. For information on adding listen threads, see the IBM® Informix® Administrator's Guide.

This function does not update the sqlhosts file.

This function is equivalent to the onmode -P start server_name command.


The following command starts a new listen thread for a server named ids_serv2:
EXECUTE FUNCTION task("start listen","ids_serv2");

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