create dbspace from storagepool argument: Create a dbspace from the storage pool (SQL administration API)

Use the create dbspace from storagepool argument with the admin() or task() function to create a permanent dbspace from an entry in the storage pool.


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>>-EXECUTE FUNCTION--+-admin-+---------------------------------->

>--"--create -+-------------+--dbspace from storagepool--"------>




Element Description Key Considerations
dbspace Name of the dbspace to be created. Must be unique among dbspace names, and cannot exceed 128 bytes. It must begin with a letter or underscore, and can include only letters, digits, underscore ( _ ) symbols, or the $ character.
first_extent Size, in kilobytes, of the first extent for the tblspace tblspace. See admin() and task() Argument Size Specifications.
initial_chunk_size Size of the initial chunk of the new dbspace. See admin() and task() Argument Size Specifications.
mirroring_flag Either:
  • 1 = mirroring
  • 0 = no mirroring
The mirroring flag is optional. If none is specified, the default is an unmirrored dbspace.
next_extent Size, in kilobytes, of the next extents in the tblspace tblspace See admin() and task() Argument Size Specifications.
page_size Nondefault page size, in kilobytes, for the new dbspace. The page size is optional. If you specify 1 for mirroring, however, you must also specify a page size. Valid page sizes depend on the default page size for the computer:
  • 2 KiB default page size: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, or 16 KiB
  • 4 KiB default page size: 4, 8, 12, or 16 KiB

Use the create unencrypted dbspace from storagepool argument to create an unencrypted dbspace when encryption is enabled by the DISK_ENCRYPTION configuration parameter.

For the admin() or task() syntax for creating a temporary dbspace, see create tempdbspace argument: Create a temporary dbspace (SQL administration API).


The following command creates a mirrored dbspace named dbspace3. The new dbspace has a size of 1 gigabyte, a page size of 6 kilobytes, a tblspace tblspace first extent size of 200 kilobytes, and a next extent size of 400 kilobytes.

EXECUTE FUNCTION task("create dbspace from storagepool",
 "dbspace3",  "1 GB", "6", "1", "200", "400");

The following command creates an unmirrored dbspace named dbspace8. The size of the new dbspace is 50 megabytes. Because no page size is specified, the new dbspace has the default page size.

EXECUTE FUNCTION task("create dbspace from storagepool",
 "dbspace8", "50000");

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