create blobspace from storagepool argument: Create a blobspace from the storage pool (SQL administration API)

Use the create blobspace from storagepool argument with the admin() or task() function to create a blobspace from an entry from the storage pool.


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>>-EXECUTE FUNCTION--+-admin-+--(------------------------------->

>--"--create -+-------------+--blobspace from storagepool--"---->



Element Description Key Considerations
blobspace The name of the blobspace. The blobspace name must be unique and cannot exceed 128 bytes. It must begin with a letter or underscore and must contain only letters, numbers, underscores, or the $ character.
blobpage_size The blobpage size, specified in terms of page_unit, the number of disk pages per blobpage The page size is optional. However if you specify 1 for mirroring, you must also specify a page size.
initial_chunk_size The size, in kilobytes, of the initial chunk of the new blobspace. See admin() and task() Argument Size Specifications.
mirroring_flag Either:
  • 1 = mirroring
  • 0 = no mirroring
The mirroring flag is optional.

Use the create unencrypted blobspace from storagepool argument to create an unencrypted blobspace when encryption is enabled by the DISK_ENCRYPTION configuration parameter.


The following command creates a mirrored blobspace named blobspace1. The new blobspace has a size of 100 gigabytes and a blobpage size of 100 pages.

EXECUTE FUNCTION task("create blobspace from storagepool", "blobspace1", "100 GB",
 "100", "1");

The following command creates an unmirrored blobspace named blobspace2 with the default blobpage size, so a blobpage size is not specified:

EXECUTE FUNCTION task("create blobspace from storagepool", "blobspace2", "5000");

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