Changing storage-manager vendors

If you change storage manager vendors, do not remove the old storage manager until you have proof that the new storage manager works for both backup and restore operations. You can use the old storage manager as a backup storage manager to use in case the new storage manager does not meet your needs.

ON-Bar supports working with multiple storage managers at the same time. To set up to test one storage manager and keep the other as a backup storage manager, specify information for both of the storage managers in the BAR_BSALIB_PATH configuration parameter and in the $INFORMIXDIR/etc/sm_versions file.

If you cannot use the old and new storage managers at the same time, use ON-Bar and the HCL Informix® Primary Storage Manager or ontape as an alternative for backups while you check that backup and restore operations work correctly with the new storage manager. Until you confirm that the new storage manager works correctly, perform all your backups as whole system level-0 backups (onbar -b -L 0 -w)

If you change physical connectivity, such as moving a storage device from a local connection to a network server, make sure the new storage manager can move the data across the network. Also ensure that the new storage manager can send multiple data streams to storage devices. It also might use a different version of XBSA.