Configuring a continuous log restore by using ON-Bar

Use continuous log restore to keep a second system (hot backup) available to replace the primary system if the primary system fails.

The version of HCL Informix® must be identical on both the primary and secondary systems.

To configure continuous log restore by using ON-Bar:

  1. On the primary system, perform a level-0 backup with the onbar -b -L 0 command.
  2. Import the backup objects that were created to the storage manager of the secondary server.
  3. On the secondary system, perform a physical restore with the onbar -r -p command. After the physical restore completes on the secondary system, the database server waits in fast recovery mode to restore logical logs.
  4. On the primary system, back up logical logs with the onbar -b -l command.
  5. Transfer the backed up logical logs to the secondary system and restore them with the onbar -r -l -C command.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all logical logs that are available to back up and restore.
  7. If you are doing continuous log restore on a secondary system as an emergency standby, run the following commands to complete restoring logical logs and quiesce the server:
    • If logical logs are available to restore, run the onbar -r -l command.
    • After all available logical logs are restored, run the onbar -r -l -X command.