Configuring continuous log restore with ontape

Ensure that the version of HCL Informix® is identical on both the primary and secondary systems.

Use continuous log restore to restart a log restore with newly available logs after all currently available logs have been restored. For more information, see Continuous log restore.

To configure continuous log restore with ontape:

  1. On the primary system, perform a level-0 archive with the ontape -s -L 0 command.
  2. On the secondary system, copy the files or mount the tape (as assigned by LTAPEDEV) and perform a physical restore with the ontape -p command.
  3. Respond to the following prompts:
    Continue restore? Y
    Do you want to back up the logs? N
    Restore a level 1 archive? N

    After the physical restore completes, the database instance waits in fast recovery mode to restore logical logs.

  4. On the primary system, back up logical logs with the ontape -a command.
  5. On the secondary system, copy the files or mount the tape that contains the backed up logical logs from the primary system. Perform a logical log restore with the ontape -l -C command.
  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all logical logs that are available to back up and restore.
  7. If you are doing continuous log restore on a secondary system as an emergency standby, run the following commands to complete restoring logical logs and quiesce the server
    • If logical logs are available to restore, use the ontape -l command.
    • After all available logical logs are restored, use the ontape -l -X command.