AC_CONFIG file environment variable

Set the AC_CONFIG environment variable to the full path name for the archecker configuration file (either ac_config.std or user defined).

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>>-setenv--AC_CONFIG -pathname---------------------------------><

default value
UNIX: $INFORMIXDIR/etc/ac_config.std
Windows: %INFORMIXDIR%\etc\ac_config.std
takes effect
When ON-Bar starts
The following are examples of valid AC_CONFIG path names:
  • UNIX: /usr/dbserver/etc/ac_config.std and /usr/local/my_ac_config.std
  • Windows: c:\dbserver\etc\ac_config.std and c:\dbserver\etc\my_ac_config.std

If AC_CONFIG is not set, the archecker utility sets the default location for the archecker configuration file to $INFORMIXDIR/etc/ac_config.std on UNIX or %INFORMIXDIR%\etc\ac_config.std on Windows.

Important: If you do not specify the entire path, including the configuration file name in the AC_CONFIG file, the archecker utility might not work correctly.