Mixed restores

A mixed restore is a cold restore followed by a warm restore. A mixed restore restores some storage spaces during a cold restore (the database server is offline) and some storage spaces during a warm restore (the database server is online). You could do a mixed restore when you perform a full-system restore, but you need to provide access to a particular table or set of tables as soon as possible. In this case, perform a cold restore to restore the critical dbspaces and the dbspaces that contain the important tables.

A cold restore takes less total time to restore all your data than a mixed restore, even though the database server is online during part of a mixed restore because a mixed restore requires two logical restores (one for the cold restore and one for the warm restore). A mixed restore, however, requires the database server to go offline for less time than a cold restore.

The dbspaces not restored during the cold restore do not become available until after the database server restores them during a warm restore, even though a critical dbspace possibly did not damage them.