DB-Access User's Guide

This publication describes how to use the DB-Access utility to access, modify, and retrieve information from HCL Informix® database servers.

Important: Use DB-Access with the current version of the Informix database server. If you use DB-Access with a database server from a different version, you might obtain inconsistent results, such as when you use a version that does not support long identifiers with a version that does.
This publication is written for the following users:
  • Database users
  • Database administrators
  • Database-application programmers
This publication assumes that you have the following background:
  • A working knowledge of your computer, your operating system, and the utilities that your operating system provides
  • Some experience working with relational databases or exposure to database concepts
  • Some experience with computer programming

These topics are taken from IBM® Informix DB-Access User's Guide.

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