Start DB-Access

You start DB-Access by running the dbaccess command from the command line. You can choose whether to use the DB-Access menu interface or the command-line interface.

You can start and use DB-Access in the following ways:
  • Start DB-Access at the main menu.
  • Start DB-Access from a specific menu or screen.
  • Run a file that contains SQL statements without showing the DB-Access menus.
  • Start and run DB-Access interactively at the command line, without the menu interface.

On Windows, you can set up the DB-Access program icon to run any of the dbaccess commands.

If the TERM, TERMCAP, or TERMINFO environment variables on UNIX do not enable DB-Access to recognize the type of terminal you use, the main menu does not show. Instead, a message similar to the following text is displayed:
Unknown terminal type.

If you use a window interface on a UNIX terminal, issue the dbaccess command from a nonscrolling console window.

If you use a Windows terminal to run DB-Access on a UNIX database server, the terminal-emulation window must emulate a terminal type that DB-Access can recognize, or the database server shows an unknown terminal-type message in the terminal-emulation window.

Tip: If your operating system cannot find dbaccess, include the full path before the program name, as follows:

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