Example: View the Information Schema

This example shows how to start DB-Access and view the Information Schema for the specified database.

The xpg4_is.sql file in the $INFORMIXDIR/etc directory creates the Information Schema and installs the views for a specified database. The following command creates the Information Schema for database mystores:
dbaccess mystores $INFORMIXDIR/etc/xpg4_is.sql
The Information Schema adds to the database four information-only views that conform to X/Open XPG4 with HCL Informix® extensions. After you run xpg4_is.sql, use DB-Access to retrieve information about the tables and columns that you have access to in the specified database.
Tip: Do not install XPG4-compliant views on an ANSI database, because the format of XPG4-compliant views differs considerably from the format of the ANSI-compliant Information Schema views that are defined by the SQL standards committee.

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