The Connection and Session options

Use the Connection option if you want to connect to a specific database server and database or explicitly disconnect from the current database environment. Use the Session option to display information about the current DB-Access session.

For the globalization considerations that apply to establishing a connection between a client application, such as DB-Access, and a database, see the HCL Informix GLS User's Guide. The database server examines the client locale information passed by the client, verifies the database locale, and determines the server-processing locale for transferring data between the client and the database.

You can use the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, a communication protocol that ensures privacy and integrity of data that is transmitted over the network, for DB-Access connections with HCL Informix®. For information about the SSL protocol, see Secure sockets layer protocol.

On Windows, if you specify a user identifier but no domain name for a connection to a machine that expects both a domain name and a user name (domain\user), DB-Access checks only the local machine and the primary domain for the user account. If you explicitly specify a domain name, that domain is used to search for the user account. The attempted connection fails with error -951 if no matching domain\user account is found on the local machine.

The CONNECTION menu displays the following options.
Option Purpose
Connect Connects to a database environment. To access a specific database, you must have permission.
Disconnect Disconnects from the current database environment
Exit Returns to the DB-Access main menu
When you use the Connect option, the SELECT DATABASE screen alphabetically lists all available databases on the specified database server. The database list on the SELECT DATABASE screen depends on the current connection. For example:
  • If no current connection exists or the current connection is an implicit default connection, all the databases that are listed in the DBPATH environment variable setting are displayed.
  • If a current explicit connection exists, all the databases in the DBPATH that pertain to the current server are displayed.

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