The sel_ojoin4.sql command file

The following example queries on table data using the fourth type of outer join. This query shows an outer join, which is the result of an outer join of each of two tables to a third table. In this type of outer join, join relationships are possible only between the dominant table and subservient tables.

This query individually joins the subservient tables orders and cust_calls to the dominant customer table but does not join the two subservient tables. (An INTO TEMP clause selects the results into a temporary table.)
SELECT c.customer_num, lname, o.order_num, 
     order_date, call_dtime
   FROM customer c, OUTER orders o, OUTER cust_calls x
   WHERE c.customer_num = o.customer_num
      AND c.customer_num = x.customer_num
   INTO temp service;

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