User-defined routines for the object-relational database model

You can run sample user-defined routines on the superstores_demo database.

The superstores_demo database does not replace the stores_demo database. Both databases are available. The superstores_demo database schema is not compatible with earlier versions with stores_demo. In many cases, you cannot use test queries developed for stores_demo against the tables of superstores_demo because the tables differ.

No SQL command files are associated specifically with superstores_demo. However, there are user-defined routines that you can run in the SQL editor or a system editor.

The superstores_demo database includes examples of the following features:
  • Collection types: SET, LIST
  • Named row types: location_t, loc_us_t, loc_non_us_t
  • Unnamed row types
  • Type and table inheritance
  • Built-in data types: BOOLEAN, SERIAL8, INT8
  • Distinct data type: percent
  • Smart large objects: BLOB and CLOB
The superstores_demo database has row types and tables to support the following table-inheritance hierarchies:
  • customer/retail_customer
  • customer/whlsale_customer
  • location/location_us
  • location/location_non_us

For more information about user-defined routines, see IBM® Informix® User-Defined Routines and Data Types Developer's Guide.

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