Always-Apply Conflict-Resolution Rule

The always-apply conflict-resolution rule does not attempt to detect or resolve conflicts.

Unlike with the ignore conflict-resolution rule, replicated changes are applied even if the operations are not the same on the source and target servers. If a conflict occurs, the current row on the target is deleted and replaced with the replicated row from the source. Use the always-apply conflict-resolution rule only with a primary-target replication system. If you use always-apply with an update-anywhere replication system, your data might become inconsistent.

The following table describes how the always-apply conflict-resolution rule handles INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE operations.
Table 1. Always-Apply Conflict-Resolution Rule
Row exists in target? INSERT UPDATE DELETE
No Apply row Apply row (convert UPDATE to INSERT) Apply row (no error returned)
Yes Apply as an UPDATE (overwrite the existing row) Apply row Deletes the row

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