CDR_DSLOCKWAIT Configuration Parameter

Specifies the number of seconds the data sync component waits for the database locks to be released.

onconfig.std value
takes effect
When the database server is shut down and restarted or immediately after the cdr change onconfig command is used

The CDR_DSLOCKWAIT configuration parameter specifies the number of seconds the data sync component waits for database locks to be released. The CDR_DSLOCKWAIT parameter behaves similarly to the SET LOCK MODE statement. Although the SET LOCK MODE is set by the end user application, CDR_DSLOCKWAIT is used by Enterprise Replication while applying data at the target database. This parameter is useful in conditions where different sources require locks on the replicated table. These sources could be a replicated transaction from another server or a local application operating on that table.

Transactions that receive updates and deletes from another server in the replicate can abort because of locking problems. If you experience transaction aborts in the data sync due to lock timeouts like this, you might want to increase the value of this parameter.

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