CDR_ATSRISNAME_DELIM Environment Variable

Specifies the delimiter to use to separate the parts of the time portion of ATS and RIS file names that are in text format.

default value
On UNIX: a colon (: )

On Windows: a period (.)

range of values
a single character
takes effect
when Enterprise Replication is initialized

ATS and RIS files in XML format always use a period (.) as the delimiter.

For example, the default file name for an ATS file in text format on UNIX might look like this: ats.g_beijing.g_amsterdam.D_2.000529_23:27:16.6. If CDR_ATSRISNAME_DELIM is set to a period (.), then the same file name would look like this: ats.g_beijing.g_amsterdam.D_2.000529_23.27.16.6.

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