onstat -g nif: Print statistics about the network interface

Prints statistics about the network interface.

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>>-onstat -g nif--+-----------+--------------------------------><

The output shows which sites are connected and provides a summary of the number of bytes sent and received by each site. This can help you determine if a site is not sending or receiving bytes.

The onstat -g nif option is used primarily as a debugging tool and by IBM® Software Support.

The following table describes the options for onstat -g nif command:
Table 1. Options for the onstat -g nif command
Option Action
all Prints the sum and the sites.
sites Prints the NIF site context blocks.
server_ID Prints information about the replication server with that server ID.
sum Prints the sum of the number of buffers sent and received for each site.

Example Output

The following example shows output for the onstat -g nif command. In this example, the local server is connected to the server group g_bombay and its CDR ID is 200. The connection status is running. The connection between the two servers is running, but the replication state on the g_bombay server is suspended. The server group g_bombay internal NIF version is 9. The local server has sent three messages to the server g_bombay and it has received two messages from g_bombay.
$ onstat -g nif

NIF anchor Block: af01610
       nifGState         RUN
          RetryTimeout   300

CDR connections:
 Id    Name       State    Version    Sent   Received
 200 g_bombay     RUN,SUSPEND    9       3          2

Output Description

NIF anchor Block
The address of the network storage block.
The connection state.
The number of seconds before Enterprise Replication attempts to retry a dropped connection.
The Enterprise Replication ID number for the server.
The name of the server group.
The connection state between the local server and the listed server. If multiple states are shown the second state designates the replication state.
The internal version number of the NIF component on the listed server.
The number of messages the local server has sent to the listed server.
The number of messages received by the local server from the listed server.

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