Replication Example Environment

To run the replication examples in this publication, you must set up HCL Informix® database servers. Each database server must be in a database server group.

The replication environment for the examples consists of:

The sqlhosts file for each database server must contain the following connectivity information.

g_usa    group     -      -          i=1
usa      ontlitcp  s1     techpubs1  g=g_usa
g_italy  group     -      -          i=8
italy    ontlitcp  s2     techpubs2  g=g_ital
g_japan  group     -      -          i=6
japan    ontlitcp  s3     techpubs6  g=g_japan

You must create an sbspace for the row data and set the CDR_QDATA_SBSPACE parameter to the location of that sbspace. For more information, see Setting Up Send and Receive Queue Spool Areas and CDR_QDATA_SBSPACE Configuration Parameter.

All commands in this example, except for creation of the sample databases on italy and japan, are issued from the computer s1.

The databases for the examples are identical to stores_demo databases with logging, as follows:

For information about preparing data for replication, see Data Preparation Example.

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