Altering multiple tables in a replicate set

You can alter multiple replicated tables for replicates that belong to the same replicate set and then remaster those tables as a group.

Instead of remastering the replicates individually for each table that you alter, you create a derived replicate set that contains only the replicates that must be remastered. You do not specify the names of the replicates. The server identifies which replicates have tables that must be remastered and adds them to the derived set for you. After you remaster and synchronize the derived replicate set, you delete it.

To alter replicated tables in a replicate set:

  1. Run the ALTER operation on the tables on all replication servers. If the replicate set is included in a grid, you can alter the tables on one server and propagate the changes to all other servers.
  2. Create a derived replicate set by running the cdr define replicateset command with the --needRemaster option.
  3. Remaster the tables in the derived replicate set by running the cdr remaster replicateset command. The replicate definitions are updated in the global catalogs of the replication servers.
  4. Synchronize the derived replicate set by running the cdr check replicateset with the --repair option or by running the cdr sync replicateset command.
  5. Drop the derived replicate set by running the cdr delete replicateset command.

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