HPL loading modes

The High-Performance Loader (HPL) offers two load modes, deluxe mode and express mode. The express mode is faster, and the deluxe mode is more flexible.

The HPL express mode

The HPL express-mode loads are faster than deluxe-mode loads, but less flexible. In express mode, you cannot update the table or read the new data entries until the load is complete. The express mode disables indexes, constraints, and triggers during the load. After the load, HPL rebuilds and re-enables indexes, evaluates and re-enables constraints, if possible, and re-enables triggers. (HPL does not evaluate triggers with respect to the loaded data.)

You must perform a level-0 backup after an express-mode load.

The HPL deluxe mode

The HPL deluxe-mode loads are not as fast as express-mode loads, but are more flexible. In deluxe mode, you can access and update the table that is being loaded. The deluxe mode updates indexes, performs constraint checking, and evaluates triggers as data is inserted into the table.

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