Device-Array Definition window

The title bar of the Device-Array Definition window shows the array name that you typed in the Device Array text box.
Figure 1. The Device-Array Definition window with one array item
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To add a device to the array:

  1. Click Add in the Perform group (lower right).
  2. Click File in the Array Item Type group (upper left).
  3. Type the full path name of a device in the File Name text box. In this example, the device is /work/mydata.
  4. Click Perform to add the /work/mydata file to the device array.

    The ipload utility lists each item of the device array in the Array Items list box. Figure 1 shows the window after you add /work/mydata to the array.

  5. Click OK.

    The display returns to the Load Job window. The Device list box now displays the device array name that you chose.

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