Format-Definition window

In the Format-Definition window, you must make an entry for each field of the data records in the input file. The input file for this example (/work/mydata) has three fields of data in each record, so you must enter format information for three pieces of data.

To enter a format definition:

  1. Click Add in the Operation group.
  2. In the Field Name text box, type a descriptive name for the first field of the data record.

    You can choose any descriptive name. This example uses input1, input2, and input3 for the three fields of /work/mydata.

  3. In the Field Type text box, type the data type or click the down arrow for a list of selections.

    Because the data in /work/mydata is simple ASCII data, the type is Chars. Other data types are discussed in Define formats.

  4. Click Perform.

    Figure 2 shows the partially completed Format-Definition window. The entry for the first item is complete. The Field Name and Field Type for the second item are present and ready for you to click Perform.

  5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 for each of the three input fields.
  6. Click OK after you complete all of the input fields.

    The display returns to the Format-Views window, which displays the new format in the Formats list box.

  7. Click Cancel to return to the Load Job window.
The Load Job window now displays the name of the device and the name of the format, as the following figure shows.
Figure 1. Partially completed Load Job window
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