Completing the Load Record Maps window

The Load Record Maps window specifies the device array that holds the input data, the format that describes the input data, and the database and table where the input data will be stored.

To complete the Load Record Maps window:

  1. Click Create in the Selection Type group.
  2. Select a name for the map and type it in the Map Name text box. This example uses a_map.
  3. Type the name of your database (testdb) in the Database text box. Or, click the down arrow to select a database from the selection list.
  4. Click the down arrow beside the Table text box to see a list of tables in the selected database.

    Figure 2 shows the Load Record Maps window and the selection list.

  5. Select a table from the list and click OK.

    Because you already filled in the Format text box on the Load Jobs window, the Format text box is already complete.

  6. Click OK to open the Map-Definition window.

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