Deleting an existing format

To delete an existing format:

  1. In the HPL main window, select the project that includes the format that you want to delete.
  2. Choose Components > Formats to access the Record Formats window. For an example, see Creating a fixed format.
  3. Select the format that you want to delete.
  4. Click the Delete button.
    The Confirm Delete window appears, as the following figure shows. The Confirm Delete window describes the impact of deleting this format. The text in this window is different for each of the component types.
    Figure 1. The Confirm Delete window
    begin figure description - This figure is described in the surrounding text. - end figure description
  5. Click OK to confirm the deletion, or click Cancel to cancel it.

    If you click OK, the format is deleted and any associated maps, filters, and jobs.

  6. Click Cancel to return to the HPL main window.

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