Other formats

In addition to delimited, fixed, and COBOL formats, the High-Performance Loader (HPL) provides two other formats for loading and unloading data: fast format and fast job. These formats are not included on the Record Formats window because the format specifications are predefined; you do not need to make any choices.

Fast format and fast job are the most efficient ways to load and unload data because their formats are predefined.

Fast format

Fast format loads or unloads data in which each individual column uses HCL Informix® internal format. You can reorder, add, or delete columns, but you cannot conduct conversion on the column itself.

Select Fixed internal in the Generate window to get this type of load. For information about the Generate window, see The Generate options of the ipload utility.

Fast job

A fast job loads or unloads an entire row of the HCL Informix database table in Informix internal format. A fast job is also called a raw load or a no conversion job. For more information, see Format type group.

The -fn flag of the onpload command-line utility specifies a fast job. For information about the onpload utility, see The onpload utility.

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