Editing the WHERE clause

When you use the Column Selection window to select a column or columns for the WHERE clause, the selected columns appear in the Where text box.

In the Where text box, as shown in the figure below, the =? symbols indicate where you must provide match conditions. The following figure shows the result when you choose zipcode and customer_num from the customer table.
Figure 1. The Where text box entry after you use the Table button
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To edit the WHERE clause:

  1. Select =? and change it to the match condition that you want.
    For example, the Where text box in Figure 1 contains the following text:
    customer.zipcode =? and customer.customer_num =?
    You must change both occurrences of =? to valid match conditions. You might change the text as follows:
    customer.zipcode > 50000 and 
    customer.customer_num > 150

    For a full description of match conditions, see Match condition operators and characters.

  2. Check the comparison operators.

    When you select multiple columns from the Column Selection window, ipload inserts and into the expression between each column. You might need to change and to or.

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