Filters are similar to queries. However, queries select data from database tables, whereas filters select data from a data file. During the load process, ipload loads all of the records from a data file into a database table unless you use a filter to exclude some of the records.

A filter is a mechanism for prescreening data-file records for eligibility as database table entries. You can use the filter to include or exclude records explicitly during the load process. You define match conditions to filter the records. Match conditions are selection criteria that test one or more data-file fields for certain values or text.

You can define filters at any time. After you define a filter, you can specify it in the Load Job window. The Load Job window is illustrated in Figure 2.

Filters have the following restrictions:
  • You cannot use filters with Ext Type data types.
  • The DATE and DATETIME data filters can only be applied to the fixed ASCII and delimited format types.

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