Changing the load options

Before you run a load job, you can review or change any load options. The load options include specifying the number of records to load, the starting record number, and the loading mode.

The ipload utility stores option information in the session table of the onpload database.

The Load Options window contains the following option text boxes.
Table 1. The Load Options window options
Option Description
Load Mode The mode for the load: express, deluxe, or deluxe without replication
Generate Violations Records Whether or not to generate violations records
Tapes The number of tapes that contain source data
Number Records The number of records to process in the data file
Start Record The record number in the data file from which to start loading
Max Errors The maximum number of error conditions to be encountered

If the number of load errors exceeds this number, the load stops.

Commit Interval The number of records to load before logging the transaction

If you set the commit interval to 0, onpload uses the default value of 10. You can use this option only with deluxe mode.

To change load options:

  1. Display the Load Job window. See Creating a load job.
  2. Click Options.
    The Load Options window appears, as the following figure shows.
    Figure 1. The Load Options window
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  3. Change the options that you want.
  4. Click OK to return to the Load Job window.

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