Generating a job that unloads an entire table

To generate a job that unloads an entire table:

  1. Choose Jobs > Unload from the HPL main window to display the Unload Job Select window.
  2. Click Create in the Selection Type group.
  3. Choose a name for the unload job and type it in the Job Name text box.
  4. Click OK to display the Unload Job window.
  5. Click Generate.

    The Autogenerate Unload Components window appears, as Figure 1 shows.

  6. Click Table in the Unload From group.
  7. Enter the database that you want in the Database text box and the table that you want in the Table text box. You can use the down arrows to see selection lists. When you unload from a table, you do not enter a query.
  8. Click Device Array or File in the Unload To group.
    • If you click Device Array, you can use the down arrow to see a list of the available device arrays.
    • If you click File, ipload creates a device array of the same name as the unload job and inserts the specified file into that device array.
  9. Click OK to generate the components of the unload job. The Unload Job window reappears, with the components of the job completed.
  10. Click Save to save this Unload Job. You can click Run to run the job, or click Cancel to exit and run the job later.
  11. To run the job, click Run and the Active Job window appears.
  12. When the Active Job window displays Job Completed, click Cancel to return to the main HPL window.

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