Generating load and unload components

When you choose Components > Generate, you can generate all of the components required for a load job and an unload job: format, load map, unload map, query, and device array.

To generate the components for loading or unloading a database:

  1. Choose Components > Generate Jobs from the main HPL window to display the Generate window.
  2. Click Load/Unload Job in the Generate group.
  3. Select a format for the data file in the Format Type group.
  4. Select a name for the generated components and type it in the Generate Name text box. This name is used for each of the components that this option creates.
  5. Type the name of the database that you will load or unload in the Database text box. Or, click the down arrow to select a database from the selection list.
  6. Type the name of the table within the database in the Table text box. Or, click the down arrow to select a table from the selection list.
  7. Type the name of a device array in the Device text box. Or, click the down arrow to select a device from the selection list.

    If you enter the name of a device (file) instead of a device array, ipload creates a device array of the same name as the unload job and inserts the specified device into that device array.

    When you specify a file instead of a device array in the Device text box, ipload makes the following assumptions about the data file:
    • The file is an ASCII file.
    • The file uses the same locale as the database.
    • The file uses a vertical bar (|) for the field delimiter and a new line for the record delimiter.
    • The fields in the data file are in the same order as the columns of the target table.
  8. Click OK.
The following figure shows appropriate choices for generating load and unload jobs for delimited output from the state table of the stores_demo database. After ipload creates the components, you can run the job or use the Component-Definition windows to make any necessary changes.
Figure 1. The Generate window
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For information about generating a job from a .csv file, see Testing the import of a CSV file.

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