Viewing the log file

The default name for a log file is /tmp/jobname.log, where jobname is the name that you chose for the job. You can specify a different name for the log file in the Load Job window or Unload Job window.

To view the log file:

  1. Choose Browsers > Logfile from the HPL main window.
    The Browse Logfile window appears, as the following figure shows. When the window appears, the Filter text box and the Selection text box show the directory from which ipload was started.
    Figure 1. The Browse Logfile window
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  2. In the Filter text box, type the full path name of the directory that contains the log. You can use wildcards to select only certain files from that directory.
  3. Click Filter.

    The Files list box shows a list of the files that match the path that you entered in the Filter text box.

  4. In the Files list box, click the name of the file that you want to examine. The full path name of the selected file appears in the Selection text box.
  5. Click OK.

    A Browse window appears that displays the contents of the selected file.

  6. Review the log with the scroll bar to move through the log.
  7. Click Cancel to return to the HPL main window.

Alternatively, if you know the full path name of the log file, you can simply type the path name in the Selection text box and click OK.

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