Assess information for loading or unloading external data

When you load or unload data from an external source, you must assess the type of data and the amount of conversion that is required so that you can choose appropriate configuration parameters.

The following sections show possible configuration parameters for two different types of load jobs. Suppose your hardware has the following configuration:
  • Eight CPU symmetric multiprocessors, each about 40 MIPS
  • Several (say 16) 300-MB disks (for the database)
  • Four 1.2-MB tape devices (to load to and unload from)
  • 512-MB memory
You also have this information about your system:
  • The database server is running with seven CPU virtual processors.
  • The data that you want to load has a row of about 150 bytes with a mix of INT, DATE, DECIMAL, CHAR, and VARCHAR data types. (This is similar to the LINEITEM table in the TPC-D database).

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