The onpload -i option

You can specify the number of records to process before onpload reports the progress in an entry in the log file with the -i option.

The onpload utility calculates the progress message count in the pload log file as equal to the number of rows processed, but rounded down to the nearest multiple of the value of progress_interval. For example, if the number of rows processed is 910 and the value of progress_interval is 100, then the progress message count is 900.

The onpload utility updates the row count only once for each stream buffer of data that it processes. Thus, reducing the row count on the -i option does not necessarily increase the number of progress messages in the log file. For example, if the stream buffer holds 910 rows of data, setting row_count to 10, 100, and 900 has the same effect: onpload writes one progress message.

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