Create a conversion-load job

Use the syntax shown in Specification-file conventions to create a conversion-load job from a specification file.

Use the following syntax to create a specification file for a conversion-load job:
# Compulsory Attributes 
PROJECT projectname 
DEVICE device_array_name 
MAP mapname 

FILTER filtername 
SERVER targetservername 
DATABASE targetdatabasename 
FLTFILE filtered_records_filename 
REJECTFILE rejected_records_filename 
LOGFILE job_progress_logfilename 
RUNMODE runmode_type 
GENERATEVIORECS violation_records_option 
TAPES sourcetape_num 
NUMRECORDS records_num 
STARTRECORD start_record 
MAXERRORS max_error_num 

The following table lists the attributes and their attribute values.
Attribute Attribute value
device_array_name Device-array name

You must create the device array; onpladm does not create it for you.

filtername Filter name
jobname Job name
job_progress_logfilename Path to the job-progress log file
mapname Map name

You must create the map before you use this option; onpladm does not create the map for you.

max_error_num Maximum number of errors; if exceeded, load ends
projectname Name of an existing project
records_num Number of records to be processed in the data file
rejected_records_filename Rejected-records file name (rejected by database server)
filtered_records_filename Filtered-records file name (rejected by filter)
runmode_type Type of run mode:
Express® mode
Deluxe mode without replication
Deluxe mode with replication
sourcetape_num Number of tapes that contain source data
start_record Number of the first record to begin a load
targetdatabasename Name of the database that the records will be loaded or unloaded to; if set, this value overrides the database value in the load or unload map
targetservername Name of the target database server
violation_records_option Specify: Y to generate violations records or N not to generate violations records

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