Create a no-conversion load job

Use the syntax shown in Specification-file conventions to create a no-conversion load job with specification files.

Use the following syntax to create a specification file for a no-conversion load job:
# Compulsory Attributes 
PROJECT projectname 
DEVICE device_array_name 
DATABASE targetdatabasename 
TABLE tablename 

SERVER targetservername 

The following table lists the attributes and their values.
Attribute Attribute value
device_array_name Device-array name

You must create the device array; onpladm does not create it for you.

jobname Job name
projectname Name of an existing project
tablename Table name
targetdatabasename Name of the database that the records will be loaded or unloaded to; if set, this value overrides the database value in the load map
targetservername Name of the target database server

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