Run a job

The following diagram illustrates the syntax to run a job and display the job progress or send it to a log file.

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Running a job

>>-onpladm run job -jobname--+------------------+-- -f--+---+--->
                             '- -p -projectname-'       +-l-+   

   V                      |   
     +- -l -logfilename-+     
     +- -S -servername--+     
     '- -Z--------------'     

Element Purpose Key considerations
-f Flags to specify the type of job The default is load job.
l Specifies a load job None
u Specifies an unload job None
jobname Names a load or unload job from the onpload database None
-l logname Sets the path for a log file where job progress is recorded None
-p projectname Identifies the project where the format and map are stored None
-S servername Sets the onpload database server The default is the value of the INFORMIXSERVER environment variable.
-Z Enables writing to or reading from a tape until the end of the device. The onpladm utility prompts you for additional tapes until the load or unload is completed. If you use this feature, you must use it for both load and unload jobs. Otherwise, the unloaded data might not match the loaded data.

If the -Z option is not set, the onpladm uses the tape size specified with the -M option of the create job command. If the -Z option is set, it supersedes the tape size information provided.

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