The defaults table in the onpload database

The defaults table contains default values that the High-Performance Loader (HPL) uses. When ipload creates the onpload database, it inserts a single row into this table. This row specifies the default configuration assumptions for the database server, the type of computer, and the data code set.

Column Type Description
node CHAR(18) The name of a database server
machine CHAR(18) Specifies the default machine type (foreign key to the machines table)
datatype CHAR(18) The code set of the data file
dbgls CHAR(18) Reserved

Used previously for the code set of the target database

You can specify a set of defaults for each database server. If this table does not contain an entry for a database server, the database uses the defaults that the record named default specifies.

Use the Defaults window to modify this table.

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