The driver table in the onpload database

The onpload utility uses different set routines, called drivers, to handle different file formats. For example, the delimited driver handles delimited file formats. The routines in a driver process data unloaded from or loaded into the data file. The onpload utility includes drivers for widely used data-file formats. You can prepare additional, custom drivers for other formats and bind them into the onpload shared library. The set of available drivers is stored in the driver table.
Column Type Description
drivername CHAR(18) Name of driver (primary key)
drivertype CHAR(1) Data-file format: Fixed, Delimited, COBOL

You can use the procedure that Custom drivers describes to build custom drivers. A custom driver takes data from a file and constructs input for onpload that is in a format that onpload recognizes (Fixed, Delimited, COBOL).

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