The formats table in the onpload database

The formats table defines the basic information for a record format. Use the Records Format window to modify this table.

Column Type Description
formid SERIAL Unique format identifier (primary key)
projectid INTEGER Project to which the format is assigned (foreign key to the project table)
name CHAR(128) Name of format
type CHAR(10) Data-file format: Fixed, Delimited, COBOL
driver CHAR(18) Driver to use to access data records
machine CHAR(18) Machine name that defines binary-data parameters (foreign key to the machinename column of the machines table)
datatype CHAR(18) Character code set to use for conversion of data records
recordlength INTEGER Length in bytes of a fixed-format record
recordstrt CHAR(15) Record-start sequence for delimited format
recordstrty CHAR(10) Type of the record-start sequence:Hex, Octal, ASCII, or Decimal
recordend CHAR(15) Record-end sequence for delimited format
recordendt CHAR(10) Type of the record-end sequence:Hex, Octal, ASCII, or Decimal
fieldsep CHAR(15) Field-separator sequence for delimited format
fieldsept CHAR(10) Type of the field-separator sequence:Hex, Octal, ASCII, or Decimal
fieldstrt CHAR(15) Field-start sequence for delimited format
fieldstrty CHAR(10) Type of the field-start sequence: Hex, Octal, ASCII, or Decimal
fieldend CHAR(15) Field-end sequence for delimited format
fieldendt CHAR(10) Record-end sequence separator type:Hex, Octal, ASCII, or Decimal
lockflag CHAR(1) Flag for locking mechanism that ipload uses

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