The mapoption table in the onpload database

The mapoption table defines conversion options for the mapping pairs that are defined in mapitem table. Use the Mapping Options window to modify this table.

Column Type Description
formid INTEGER Specifies the map to which this record belongs (foreign key to the maps table)
seq INTEGER The database-column and/or data file-record pair to which this option applies (foreign key to the mapitem table)
bytes INTEGER Maximum number of bytes to transfer from a field of a data file
minvalue FLOAT Minimum value allowed in field
maxvalue FLOAT Maximum value allowed in field
ccase CHAR(18) Case conversion option: None, Lower, Upper, Proper Noun
justify CHAR(18) String justification to perform: None, Left, Right, Center
fill CHAR(1) Fill character for string padding
picture CHAR(55) Picture mask to apply to target data
coloffset INTEGER Offset in column at which to start data transfer
recoffset INTEGER Offset in record field from which to start data extract
function CHAR(55) Custom function to call
looktable CHAR(18) Not in use
matchcol CHAR(18) Not in use
coldefault CHAR(18) Default value to set on column: ASCII HEX or ASCII binary
inputcode CHAR(18) Format in which the BYTE or TEXT data is stored in the data file: ASCII HEX or ASCII binary
storecode CHAR(18) Format in which to store the BYTE or TEXT data
blobcolumn CHAR(18) The column that contains the name of the file where the BYTE or TEXT data is stored

If the values of inputcode and storecode are different, onpload converts the contents of the BYTE or TEXT data.

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